Private Tutorials

Online Private Instruction — We provide you with a personal teacher


Many students are currently working from home and preparing for the next school year or an upcoming exam with tasks from their school teachers. We provide you with a trained, excellent English teacher, whom you can ask at any time and with whom you can discuss your tasks and works one-on-one in private tuition. This way, your learning process is accompanied, structured, and promoted by us. We provide practice exams and tasks, which you discuss with comprehensive feedback. You determine learning objectives, topics, teaching areas, and content. The timetable of the tutorials can be planned individually with the tutor according to need and possibility.



Learning Packages

Private lessons with an online tutor can be booked in learning packages: 10, 20 or 30 private lessons are possible and are planned and implemented according to need and wish in a time frame of 1 to 3 weeks, with the first 10 private lessons being taught within a week. These packages offer individual, structured, and effective preparation for an exam, compensate for missed lessons, or prepare students for the next school year in English.

A 45-minute online private lesson costs €75, including essays, homework correction with detailed feedback, teaching materials, and preparation tailored to the student.

Package size Price
10 hours of 45min each € 750.00
20 hours of 45min each € 1,400.00
30 hours of 45min each € 2,100.00



Corrections for Essays or Exams

Send us your English assignments, exams, homework and we correct them, providing you with feedback, tips, and suggestions for improvement.

Correction packages (Correction + written feedback).
If personal feedback in conversation is desired, please book private lessons.


Package size Price
10 hours of 45min each € 450.00
20 hours of 45min each € 900.00
30 hours of 45min each € 1,350.00



Our Team

  • Janet Muth-Dunford (UK) studied in Oxford and Germany and supported her three daughters through the German school system. She developed the learning concept of s·a·e·s in collaboration with German schools, English teachers, professors, and universities. As a role model for students, family, and team, she works closely with the students on-site to give them the individual support and assistance they need.
  • Daniela Muth (UK) completed her degree at the University of Lancaster, in both Law and Philosophy. She has been teaching international students for years, preparing them for international degrees with a specific goal in mind.
  • Vanessa Muth (UK/DE) completed her degree at Lancaster University in Organisational Psychology, gathered experience over years in international marketing and communication. She teaches students from 7th to 13th grade, preparing them for their international and German degree.
  • Dr. Gina Rowland (UK) studied at Oxford University and has 30 years of experience as an English teacher, from which all her students benefit enthusiastically. She is the course leader in Oxford and teaches with accuracy and a great deal of passion. Furthermore, she ensures that our students feel comfortable in their warm-hearted host families on site in Oxford and that everything runs smoothly.


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For further information give us a call +49 331 713 789
oder send an eMail to info@saes.info.