Upper level preparation in Germany for 10th grade students.

One week of intensive upper secondary preparation in English for 10th grade students.

Your ideal preparation for upper secondary: 5 days of intensive English learning with our team of native-speaker teachers from Oxford in a city near you in Germany.

  • Detailed and immediate feedback.
  • 30 hours of classes with a maximum of 6 students per learning group.
  • Exam training. Essay writing. Grammar.

Focus areas

  • Learning groups with a maximum of 6 students.
  • Thorough preparation for upper secondary.
  • Preparing topics for the upcoming school year.
  • Exercises for advanced verbal language proficiency.
  • Taking into account current curricula and individual language proficiency levels.
  • Personal feedback.
  • Mock exams and tests under realistic conditions.


20. October — 25. October 2024
27. October — 01. November 2024

Courswe Concept

Individual Training

Ready for the next level

In our upper secondary preparation, we prepare students for the linguistic and analytical demands of English lessons in upper secondary school. In small learning groups with a maximum of 6 participants, students practice the foreign language. The current curricula of the federal states and the language proficiency level of each individual student form the basis for a targeted, intensive learning program. We improve grammar, expand vocabulary, and practice fluent speaking. In the written area, our focus for upper secondary is on text analysis, which is a major part of exams.

Individual support
Motivation and experience shape our team.
Small learning groups with a maximum of 6 students

In afternoon classes, we promote students' language proficiency through curriculum-relevant subject areas such as Multiculturalism, Anglophone Cultures, Science and Society, and Introducing Shakespeare. We practice topic-based discussions as preparation for upper secondary level. Students gain the necessary background knowledge and expand their vocabulary with important subject-specific terms.



Accommodation can be arranged in youth hostels in the respective location. There's the option to book full board, single rooms, or double rooms. Please note that the accommodation price is not included in the course fee.


Course Fee

€ 1,400.00 (excluding Accommodation)

This course does not offer a leisure program.



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