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An advanced course for all those who have already completed an Abitur preparation program at s·a·e·s.

Can't get enough?
Abi-Pro - the bonus level.

This course is for students returning to s·a·e·s having already attended the standard Abi-Prep Course before. The Abi-Pro course offers students the opportunity to refresh all the skills and tools acquired during their first stay with saes and most importantly, it also provides a framework for intensive practice with a series of authentic Abitur exam papers supported by instant feedback.


Course contents

The course will reacquaint students with the following aspects essential for success in an Abitur exam:

  • Exam technique — Reading planning, writing & checking
  • Analysis of non-fictional texts — stylistic devices, analysing content, language and structure, how to fully develop analytical points
  • Analysis of fictional texts — characterisation, setting, atmosphere and narrative technique
  • How to develop and write a coherent evaluative essay (Comment/Discuss)
  • Creative writing — how to approach these tasks
  • The techniques of competent summary writing
  • The skills required for the mediation question
    Style enhancement
  • Eliminating frequent mistakes
  • Plus 3 Full Abitur exams


23. March — 06. April 2024
1 week course
in Oxford
Accommodation: host families, St. Hilda´s College
27. July — 10. August 2024
1 week course
in Oxford
Accommodation: host families, St. Hilda´s College

Course concept

Individual feedback forms the core of this course

Course Concept

The course consists of three full Abitur exams supported by 30 lessons. Each group will consist of maximum five participants working with one dedicated tutor who will be responsible for taking the group collectively and individually as far as possible in the week.

The course is structured around the three full Abitur practice papers done under exam conditions. The first of these will be done on the Sunday of arrival and will function as a diagnostic tool to determine what needs to be covered from those areas listed above to enable all group members to extract the maximum benefit from their week.

The second will be done on the Tuesday and, all being well, will show significant improvement on the first. The course builds towards the final exam on the Thursday with the aim of sending all participants home with complete confidence in their ability to produce their very best and knowing exactly which areas of their English they need to continue to polish.

At the core of this course is the feedback which each participant receives more or less instantly. This is very different and far more effective than what tends to happen within the German school system where students often do not see a corrected Klausur until at least three weeks after they have done it. The feedback is both detailed and constructive, focussing on areas of strength as well as issues that need to be addressed to produce improvement.

The course duration is one week but can be supplemented by a further week of private tuition consisting of either 10 or 20 private lessons. Participants will be integrated with the standard Abi course participants for free time activities and all social events.


Oxford — Campus of the world

Punting on one of the many small rivers in Oxford


Oxford is one of the world's most prestigious university cities. In addition to its winding streets and rich cultural offerings, the city is renowned for its excellent academic excellence. Our students can find inspiration here and enjoy English lifestyle in the parks, small cafes, and many charming shops.

St. Hilda´s College: academic excellence
Strolling through the markets of Oxford

St. Hilda´s College, Oxford

St. Hilda's College is part of Oxford University along with 40 other colleges. We have worked closely with the college and university for over 15 years. Over the years, a very close relationship has developed, which we deeply appreciate. We therefore offer our students the extraordinary opportunity to learn in a unique academic atmosphere.

Accommodation & Leisure

St Hilda´s College, Oxford

Living in the College

St. Hilda's College is a comfortable place with a pleasant atmosphere, cosy rooms, and diverse recreational opportunities. The traditional college offers not only space for instruction, but also residence for our students and some of the teachers in this venerable building. The students also receive breakfast and lunch there. Alternatively, we arrange for accommodations in carefully selected host families. During the day, the students are provided with lunch packs, and they receive breakfast and dinner with their host families.

3, 2, 1, Go! Action on the go-kart track
Tennis, table-tennis, football
Oxford offers space for diverse activities

Oxford offers a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities for non-school time. Various sports activities, ample space for barbecues and picnics, or the traditional punt rides offer plenty to Stave off boredom. Moreover, excursions to the surrounding landscape of the old university town and a trip to London can be taken. At the end of each course, a farewell party is held where the certificates are presented.

  • Picnics and barbecues in the park
  • Punting on picturesque rivers
  • Cricket, football, volleyball, and tennis
  • Excursions in the surroundings
  • Attractions in the British metropolis of London


Abi Pro — Prices

Accommodation 30 lessons / week
Standard host family, DR, FB € 1,865.00
Standard host family, SR, FB € 1,915.00
Upscale host family, SR, FB € 2,015.00
College, SR/DR, HB € 2,225.00

DR = double room, SR = single room, FB = full board, HB = half board


Private lessons

Additional private lessons at €80.00 per 45 minutes can be booked on-site if needed for all listed hours and course schedules.


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