Preparation for the Abitur exam for pupils aged 17-18 yearsth

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A course specifically for the German Abitur exams - focused and effective

The Oxford Summer School is our specific preparation course for the Abitur. Our Abitur preparation course is aimed exclusively at students in year 11 and above. Its focus is on the final exam and in particular on written expression. This has the greatest influence on grades. Alternatively, the focus can also be on the oral section.

I got 15 points in my A-level English exam thanks to my time at s·a·e·s. This is how school and learning should al
Anna from Nuremberg (17 years)

Course Focus

    • Focus on the final exam
    • Exercises for a high verbal language level
    • Focus on written expression
    • State-specific orientation of the content
    • Intensive and personal feedback
    • Increased motivation to learn
    • Careful selection of learning groups
    • Workshops in small groups
    • Mock exams under realistic conditions
    • Private lessons for specific problems
    • Optional focus on the oral section
    • Timetables tailored to the individual


06. July — 07. September 2024
1, 2 & 3 week courses within this period
in Oxford
Accommodation: host families, St. Hilda´s College


Tutor working in classroom

Training with a clear goal

We prepare our students optimally and comprehensively to achieve the best possible grades in their final exams. When putting together personal timetables, we take into account the specific requirements of the desired qualification and the current curricula of the respective federal state. We attach great importance to the ideal composition of the learning groups and take a whole day for a multi-layered placement procedure.

Mock exam
Private lessons for individual development

The lessons are made up of three core elements: Core Lessons, Themes and Options. In private lessons, our teachers focus even more intensively on individual learning goals. Workshops and working groups take place in the evenings. Here, students can continue to practise their language skills outside the classroom - because the best language training is speaking. We therefore speak English with our students throughout their stay at s-a-e-s


Oxford — Campus of the world

Punting on one of the many small rivers in Oxford


Oxford is one of the world's most prestigious university cities. In addition to its winding streets and rich cultural offerings, the city is renowned for its excellent academic excellence. Our students can find inspiration here and enjoy English lifestyle in the parks, small cafes, and many charming shops.

St. Hilda´s College: academic excellence
Strolling through the markets of Oxford

St. Hilda´s College, Oxford

St. Hilda's College is part of Oxford University along with 40 other colleges. We have worked closely with the college and university for over 15 years. Over the years, a very close relationship has developed, which we deeply appreciate. We therefore offer our students the extraordinary opportunity to learn in a unique academic atmosphere.

Accommodation & Leisure

St Hilda´s College, Oxford

Living in the College

St. Hilda's College is a comfortable place with a pleasant atmosphere, cosy rooms, and diverse recreational opportunities. The traditional college offers not only space for instruction, but also residence for our students and some of the teachers in this venerable building. The students also receive breakfast and lunch there. Alternatively, we arrange for accommodations in carefully selected host families. During the day, the students are provided with lunch packs, and they receive breakfast and dinner with their host families.

3, 2, 1, Go! Action on the go-kart track
Tennis, table-tennis, football
Oxford offers space for diverse activities

Oxford offers a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities for non-school time. Various sports activities, ample space for barbecues and picnics, or the traditional punt rides offer plenty to Stave off boredom. Moreover, excursions to the surrounding landscape of the old university town and a trip to London can be taken. At the end of each course, a farewell party is held where the certificates are presented.

  • Picnics and barbecues in the park
  • Punting on picturesque rivers
  • Cricket, football, volleyball, and tennis
  • Excursions in the surroundings
  • Attractions in the British metropolis of London


ABITUR Preparation

30 or 40 lessons (45 minutes) per week incl. 2 private lessons of 30 minutes each. This course has a maximum of 6 participants per learning group and is made up as follows: Core Lessons, Themes and Options. Practice exams, workshops & presentations are also offered. The course comprises either 30 or 40 lessons per week. In our experience, 40 hours leads to the greatest learning success. Both course options include two private lessons of 30 minutes each per week. These provide intensive support for specific problems or requests.


Prices Oxford

Accommodation 30 Less. / Week 40 Less. / Week
Standard Host Family, Double, FB 1.715,00 € 1.975,00 €
Standard Host Family, Single, FB 1.765,00 € 2.165,00 €
Higher Standard Host Family, Single, FB 1.865,00 € 2.265,00 €
College, Single/Double, HB 2.075,00 € 2.475,00 €

Double = Double Room, Single = Single Room, FB = Full-Board, HB = Half-Board


Abi-Plus course

30 lessons per week (45 minutes) incl. 10 private lessons of 45 minutes each. Students take part in the morning lessons of the regular Abitur preparation course. The private lessons in the afternoon are used to specifically address students' weaknesses or special requests. The content of the lessons is determined in advance with the students or their parents.


Price Oxford

Accommodation 20 Group Lessons
+ 10 Private lessons of your choice 
Higher Standard Host Family, Single, FB 2.580,00 €
College, Single, FB 2.790,00 €

Double = Double Room, Single = Single Room,  FB = Full-Board, HB = Half-Board


Abitur preparation as a private course

For special individual support, it is also possible to book the courses as private lessons with 20 or 30 lessons per week.


Prices Oxford

Accommodation 20 Less. / Week 30 Less. / Week
Higher standard guest family, Double, FB 3.045,00 € Upon Request
College, Single, HB 3.255,00 € Upon Request

Double = Double Room, Single = Single Room, FB = Full-Board, HB = Half-Board


Private lessons

If required, additional private lessons can be booked on site for € 80.00 per 45 minutes for all the lessons and course plans listed.

Info & Registration

Online registration and further informationen

To register for the Abitur preparation course, please register online via our online booking system and then fill out the course planning form and then the student profile. Afterwards, please send us the forms by e-mail to

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