Optimal preparation for the Abitur exam for pupils from the 11th grade.

A course designed specifically for the German Abitur — targeted, concrete and effective

The Oxford Summer School specialises in preparing pupils for their final Abitur exam or international equivalents such as the Matura.

The course is intended for those in their final years at school with special attention paid to written English as this more than anything will dictate the grade in the final exam. We also have special modules for those taking English as an oral exam.

This school is just seriously good. I learnt more in these three weeks than I have in all my years at school. I improved my marks by two grades. Yes, it’s hard work but so worth it!
Christoph from Munich (17)


  • Focus on final exam
  • Mock papers under exam conditions
  • Development of enhanced oral competence
  • Private tutorials for specific problems
  • Focus on written expression
  • Alternative focus on oral competence
  • Detailed personal feedback
  • Increased motivation
  • Individually designed course content
  • Carefully selected groupings
  • Small group workshops


24. July — 28. August 2021
in Oxford
Accommodation: Gastfamilien, St. Hilda´s College


Teacher in class

Training with a precise goal

Our goal is to enable students to achieve the best possible grades because they have been thoroughly and effectively prepared. In designing our students’ individual timetables, detailed attention is paid to the demands of the final exam and the current curricula of the various federal states. We also go to extreme lengths to ensure optimal groupings so that each student is working at an appropriate level.

Mock exams to learn time management
Private lessons for intense learning

The course consists of three key components: core lessons, themes and options. In twice weekly private lessons, students have the opportunity to focus on individual learning goals. Additional workshops are offered in the evenings. Students also have the opportunity to improve their English outside school time as our staff are closely involved with leisure activities and speak only English with the students.

The College

Punting on one of the many rivers in Oxford.


Oxford is one of the two most renowned university cities in the world. Steeped in history and culture with a reputation for academic excellence, it is a green and spacious city with cobbled streets and cafes throughout the city center.

Oxford is a city of academic excellence and inspiration.
Students and teachers playing Articulate on college grounds.

St. Hilda´s College, Oxford

St. Hilda´s College is one of the forty colleges that make up Oxford University. We have been working closely with St. Hilda´s College for the past 15 years. As a result of this close relationship our students have the privilege of working in a highly academic environment.

Ruskin College, Oxford

Ruskin College, Oxford

The s·a·e·s 2019 autumn course in Oxford will take place at Ruskin college. Ruskin college is set in beautiful grounds offering modern student accommodation combined with the traditional elements of all the Oxford University colleges. Students staying in college will have single room ensuite accommodation and full board.

Accommodation & Activities

St Hilda´s College, Oxford
Ruskin College
Ruskin College room

Accommodation in the College

St. Hilda’s College is a place where students can feel at home: comfortable rooms, pleasant surroundings close to the city centre with all that has to offer. Students and staff live on campus, the alternative being accommodation in carefully selected host families. College accommodation is in single rooms and includes breakfast as well as a warm lunch. Host families provide three meals a day with a packed lunch for daytime at school and a warm meal in the evenings.

Rugby is one of England´s traditional sports.
St. Hilda´s tennis court
Punting on a sunny weekend afternoon.

Oxford has a wealth of leisure activities on offer ranging from cultural to sporting and traditional pastimes in the form of punting. There is no excuse for being bored. Excursions are organised to various local attractions as well as a day trip to London. On the final evening of the course there is a farewell party where certificates are handed out and many tears spilled.

  • Picnics and barbecues in the park
  • Punting on the picturesque rivers
  • Cricket, football, volleyball and tennis
  • Excursions in and around Oxford
  • All the attractions of London
  • Open-air theatre, concerts, and cinema


Abitur Preparation Course

30 or 40 lessons (45 mins) per week including 2 private lessons (30 mins). Class sizes of maximum 5 participants. The course consists of core morning lessons, and themes and options chosen individually by the students. Mock exams, workshops and presentations are also a central component of the course. Students can opt for 30 or 40 lessons, whereby in our experience the 40-lesson option brings the greatest progress. Both courses include two private lessons per week (30 minutes per lesson). These private tutorials are designed to deal with specific problems or requests.

Accommodation 30 lessons / week 40 lessons / week
Standard host family, DR / FB € 1,495.00 € 1,765.00
Standard host family, SR / FB € 1,540.00 € 1,810.00
Upper host family, SR / FB € 1,610.00 € 1,880.00
College, SR / HB € 1,850.00 € 2,120.00

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board

Abitur Preparation Plus Course

30 lessons per week (45 mins) including 10 private lessons. Morning lessons follow the same format as the Abitur Preparation Course, i.e. students take part in the morning lessons of the Abitur Preparation Course. The private lessons in the afternoon are designed specifically to address participants’ weaknesses or special needs. The contents are defined in advance with the students or their parents.

Accommodation 20 lessons
+ 10 private lessons of your choice
Upper Host Family, SR / FB € 2,315.00
College, SR / HB € 2,580.00

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board

Abitur Preparation as a private course

The course can also be booked as a purely private course consisting of 20 or 30 private lessons (45 mins) per week. This permits a completely individual approach for students with very specific needs or goals.

Accommodation 20 lessons / week 30 lessons / week
Upper Host Family, SR / FB € 2,750.00 € 3,550.00
College, SR / HB € 3,020.00 € 3.820,00

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board

Private Lessons

All lessons and courses listed below can be supplemented with additional private lessons à 45 minutes that can be booked on site for € 75.00.

Supplementary Courses

Information on our supplementary courses (TOEFL/IELTS,Personal Development and Weekend Workshop) can be found on the download sheet. These courses can also be booked as private courses. Prices on request.

Klausur Training

s·a·e·s offers intensive 5-day courses in various German cities for those about to sit their Abitur exams. Should you be interested please contact our Potsdam office.

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