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This English course is aimed at pupils aged 12- 14 years. The course overall consists of  20 lessons with a max. of 6 pupils plus 10 project lessons. The students start the day with lessons in general English such as Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary Training and Oral Skills. In the afternoons, language practice is promoted in a playful, creative and sporty way in project lessons/sports lessons, e.g. creative writing, creating a digital news blog, performing theatre scenes or creating a music video with a native speaker trainer. There is a minimum number of 10 students for project and sports lessons. This course is informal, small and geared towards individual support.

Course concept / content:

  • Building a good foundation in the English language
  • Effective and creative approach and application
  • Native speaker team / support and teacher
  • Encourage motivation and fun with the language while learning at the same time
  • Small groups
  • Individual, targeted support
  • Combination: lessons & projects (music, sport and language)


13. July — 24. August 2024
1 & 2 week courses within this period
in Cambridge
Accommodation: Newnham House (Corpus Christi College)

The College

Corpus Christi Dining Hall


Cambridge is world-renowned for its small, excellent university with its outstanding academic achievements and its history-rich atmosphere. This university has always attracted pupils and students from all over the world.

Punting on the rivers of Cambridge
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge


Accommodation 30 Less. / Week
Cambridge College Corpus Christi, Single / Double  (depending on availability), Full-Board 1.905,00 €


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