Academic English Language Course for students 15-17 years.

Learn English and improve your grades at school.

The s-a-e-s Cambridge Summer School program takes place at Cambridge University and is aimed at students aged 15-17 years who want to prepare for their next level at school. This course is also suitable for students who would like to prepare for a change of school or a move to an English-speaking boarding school.

We offer two courses:

  • Upper School Preparation
  • Upper School Plus
It was splendid! Over the course of two weeks, I not only acquired an immense amount of knowledge, but also had the pleasure of meeting remarkable individuals. This school is truly exceptional!
Christoph from Munich (17 years)


  • Tutorial groups of maximum 6 students
  • Thorough preparation for the upper school or the IB program
  • Prepare topics for the upcoming school year
  • Exercises for a high verbal language level
  • Consideration of the  individual language level
  • Personalized feedback
  • Timetables tailored to the individual
  • Private lessons for specific problems
  • Mock exams and tests under realistic condition


13. July — 24. August 2024
1, 2 & 3 week courses within this period
in Cambridge
Accommodation: Newnham House (Corpus Christi College)


Students practicing English in role play.

Improve your English and prepare for the next year at school.

In our Cambridge Summer School program, we prepare students for the linguistic and analytical demands of upper school English lessons. Students practise the foreign language in small learning groups with a maximum of six participants. The language level of each individual student form the basis for a targeted, intensive learning program. We improve grammar, expand vocabulary and train fluency. In the written section, we focus on text analysis, which makes up a large part of the written exams. The topics currently set for the upper school are the second focus of this course.

Motivation and experience are the main drivers of our team.
Small tutorial groups with a max. 6 students.

In the afternoon, Discussion and Debate is on the schedule. Here, curriculum-relevant topics such as Digital Self, Globalisation, Science and Technology and Global Warming are worked on in workshops, study groups and presentations. Background knowledge is conveyed and technical vocabulary expanded. The aim is to bring the English language to life and to experience exciting current topics such as "Tradition and Change" in the country, and to engage with them vividly in the group and with a teacher.

The College

Corpus Christi Dining Hall


Cambridge is world-renowned for its small, excellent university with its outstanding academic achievements and its history-rich atmosphere. This university has always attracted pupils and students from all over the world.

Punting on the rivers of Cambridge
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Accommodation & Leisure

Newnham House, Cambridge

Newnham House at Corpus Christi College

Magnificent rose and fruit gardens in the extensive parkland give the traditional Corpus Christi College its special atmosphere. Our students live in Newnham House of Corpus Christi College, a beautifully located property in the middle of the historic city center. This is also where our courses take place. Due to the small groups, there is a noticeably familial atmosphere with us. We also offer the opportunity to accommodate students in host families. We carefully select these.

Rugby — an English tradition
England´s Classics
Punting on the rivers of Cambridge

In our free time, we combine fun and exciting experiences with effective language training. Every other week, we organize a trip to London. There are numerous other excursions around the old university town.





This course is designed for students in grades 9, 10, and EF, consisting of 30 learning sessions, divided into 20 instructional units of 45 minutes each in small study groups with a maximum of 6 students, along with 8 afternoon study modules of 45 minutes each, and 2 private lessons of 30 minutes each.

Morning Sessions: Students will be introduced to the linguistic, oral, written, and literary requirements and skills of the upper level. The curriculum includes essay writing, text analysis, vocabulary, and grammar. For students in grades 10 and EF, there will also be exam preparation workshops and a practice exam with one-on-one feedback.

Afternoon Sessions: Here, students can choose one of the following study modules.

  • Political Debate (1 & 2-week module): A comprehensive program that familiarizes students with the intricacies of political debates and discussions. Language, presentation, and communication skills are learned and practiced through political role-playing. Under guidance, students stage a British-style debating session and assume various positions. This workshop aims to promote critical thinking, effective communication, and a deeper understanding of political issues.
  • Theatre & Music (1 & 2-week module): An interactive workshop on theater and the dramatic arts, designed to inspire students about the world of theater. This workshop provides students with the opportunity to explore their creative potential, improve their English communication skills, and enhance their self-confidence through a series of interactive exercises. Students also attend a theatrical performance for inspiration!
  • Personal Development & Leadership (2-week module): "What do I want to do after school?" This question will be explored together. With the guidance of a trained personal development coach, each student undergoes an individual strengths analysis and delves into the diverse array of academic and professional possibilities. Various speakers from different fields (e.g. marketing, architecture, sports, law, etc.) will be invited to share their experiences and insights in a workshop setting. This module serves as an inspiration and productive foundation for any decisions that lie ahead in the coming years.
  • University INTRO (2-week module): A deeper introduction to student life at Cambridge and Oxford. Students immerse themselves in various aspects of university life. Workshops address questions such as "How does studying in England work?", "What do I need if I want to study in England?", and "How and when do I apply from Germany?". We facilitate exchanges with Cambridge students and administrators, providing an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have. Library visits, tours of different Cambridge colleges, and a day trip to Oxford are included.

Location: This course takes place in Oxford during the Easter holidays and in Cambridge during the summer holidays. In the event that the course cannot be held in England, an alternative will be offered in Germany.

Accommodation 30 hours / week
Host family accommodation with another s·a·e·s student, SR or DR, HB (breakfast and dinner) € 1,715.00
Host family, SR, FB € 1,865.00
College, SR or DR, HB € 2,075.00

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board


Upper Level Plus

This course, designed for students in 9th and 10th grade, comprises a total of 30 instructional hours per week with a maximum of 6 students per class. It includes 30 classroom hours of 45 minutes each, along with 10 private lessons of 45 minutes each. The group sessions follow the format of the upper level course, meaning that students participate in the morning sessions of the regular upper level course. The afternoon private lessons are tailored to address specific weaknesses or special requests of the participants.



Accommodation Upper Level Plus / week
Host family, SR, FB € 2,580.00
College, SR, HB € 2,790.00

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board


Private Courses

For specialized individual instruction, there is the option to book all courses as private lessons with 20 or 30 weekly hours of 45 minutes each. In private lessons, specific attention is given to the individual learning needs.



Accommodation 20 hours per week 30 hours per week
Host family, SR, FB € 3,045.00 upon request
College, SR, HB € 3,255.00 upon request

DR = Double Room, SR = Single Room, FB = Full Board, HB = Half Board


Additional Private Lessons

For all courses, if needed, additional private lessons can be booked at a rate of €80.00 per session of 45 minutes each.



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