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Online A-Level Preparation Course with Live Instruction

Five-day intensive course for preparing for your A-Level exam in English for all high school graduates from 11th grade on


This course is the optimal preparation for your upcoming A-Level examination in English. Virtual classrooms with small study groups of maximum 5 students, personal tutorials, individual support, feedback sessions, workshops, and exam training with trained teachers and mentors. Text analysis & Essay Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary, and exam preparation are part of the timetable.

The course consists of 20 different modules and can be expanded with additional private lessons if desired. All units can be carried out from home and are taught digitally. We will send you all necessary access and teaching materials in advance.



Dates & Prices

19. May — 24. May 2024
1 week course
20. October — 25. October 2024
1 week course

Price: € 890.00
Price for additional private lessons per 45 minutes: € 75.00


Course Details


Group placement based on performance level

Before the start of the course, each student is given a placement test. The student completes this test within a set time and sends the work back to us. Once we have received the placement test, we can assign the student to study groups that correspond to their performance level.

Topics / Timetable

  • Text Analysis
  • Essay Writing
  • Exam Techniques
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Training
  • Themes (e.g., American Dream, Globalisation, Crooked Letter)


Live- Classrooms
10 online lessons of 45min each.
In small study groups with maximum of 5 students

Live-Classrooms are lessons transmitted via video chat. In exchange with our trained tutor, students learn, practice, and ask questions about topics and tasks we provide. To effectively and specifically cater to each student, there are no more than 5 participants in a study group. It's important that even online, every student is challenged to their full potential and that all content, tasks are well understood. This is achievable in a small online round.


Live-Private Instruction
5 lessons of 45 minutes each

Every day, the student works through individual topics and tasks in a 45 minute online private lesson with a tutor. This allows each student to work well according to their own learning goal. Individual learning goals can be, for instance, upcoming exams, tasks given by the school, specific topics and questions. Frequently, these private lessons are also used to discuss written assignments in detail once more. As per their wish and need, students can book additional private lessons.


Guided Teaching Lessons
5 hours of 60 minutes each

Teaching lessons are prerecorded lessons in which selected topics are demonstrated and explained by our tutors in a presentation with audio recordings. In the course, each student has a set time frame in which they work on their teaching lessons and the tasks set. Questions can be dealt with in live classrooms as well as in individual instruction.


A-Level Practice Exam with Feedback Discussion
2.5 hours of 60 minutes each

Each student writes a practice exam relevant to their federal state and grade level. This way, students can practice and apply, with feedback and guidance, what they have learned in their lessons and lectures. In the debriefing, the tutor provides individual feedback on the exam as well as tips and information for possible improvements.


Teaching Material

All participants receive specially prepared exercise materials during the online A-Level preparation course.


Technical Requirements

To participate in our online course, it's important that the student has a good internet connection, a computer, and registers with the providers we inform them of beforehand. We're building our own learning platform, but until then, we have to rely on external providers. We'll share the access and providers in advance.

Before the online course starts, the students log in with their login and accesses to ensure that everything online is set to participate in the lessons.


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