Online course

Online Upper Level Preparation with Live Lessons

5-day Intensive Course for 9th and 10th Grade Students


This course is an ideal supplement for the ongoing school year and a perfect preparation for the next school year in English.

In the virtual classroom, students work in study groups of 3-5 students with our excellently trained teachers to expand their English vocabulary through vocabulary training, practice text comprehension, and learn to write longer, structured essays in essay writing. Any gaps in grammar are explained and addressed in the grammar lesson. In the additional self-study time, our students receive assignments to work on within a given time frame and then discuss them with their tutor in their daily private lessons.

The course consists of 20 different modules and can be supplemented with additional private lessons upon request. All units are doable from home and are taught digitally. We will send you all the necessary access and teaching materials.



Termine und Preise

19. May — 24. May 2024
20. October — 25. October 2024

Price: € 890.00
Price for additional private lessons, 45 minutes each.: €75.00


Course Details


Placement of study groups based on proficiency level

Before the start of the course, each student will receive a placement test. Within a specified time, the student will complete the test and send it back to us. Once we have received the placement test, we can assign the student to study groups according to their proficiency level.

Topics / Schedule

  • Text Comprehension
  • Essay Writing
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Training


Live- Classrooms
10 Online lessons of 45 minutes each
in small study groups with a maximum of 5 students

Live classrooms are lessons conducted via video chat. In exchange with our trained tutors, students learn, practice, and ask questions on the given topics and tasks. To provide targeted and effective support to each student, study groups are limited to a maximum of 5 participants. It is important that even in an online setting, each student is challenged and the content and tasks are clearly understandable. This can be achieved in a small group online.


Live Private Lessons
5 lessons of 45 minutes each

Every day, the student will work individually with a tutor in a 45-minute private online lesson, focusing on specific topics and tasks. This allows each student to work according to their own learning goals and objectives. Individual learning goals can include upcoming exams or assignments from school, specific topics, and questions. Often, these private lessons are also used to discuss written work in detail. Additional private lessons can be booked as desired and needed.


5 lessons of 60 minutes each

During the course, each student has a specified timeframe to complete the tasks assigned by the tutor. Questions regarding these tasks can be discussed in the live classrooms as well as in the individual lessons.


Practice Exam
with feedback discussion

Each student will write a practice exam that is relevant to their federal state and grade level. This allows students to practice and apply what they have learned in their lessons. In the feedback discussion, the tutor will provide individual feedback on the exam as well as tips and information on possible improvements


Teaching Materials

All participants will receive specially developed study materials during the online course.


Technical Requirements

To participate in our online course, it is important for the student to have a good internet connection, computer, printer, and to register with the providers we have informed them about. We are working on our own learning platform, but until then, we have to rely on external providers. We will share access and provider information in advance.

Before the online course starts, students will log in using their login credentials to ensure everything is ready for them to participate in the lessons.


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